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Mir Wire Saw
Patterned Diamond Blade
Laser Blades
Turbo Blades
Continuous Rim Cut
Tile & Ceramic
Grinding Cup Wheels
Single & Double Cup Wheels
Turbo Cup Wheels
Special Cup Wheels
Polishing Pads
Flexible Super - Wet
Flexible Super - Wet
Convex - Wet
Hexagonal for In-Line Machine- Wet
Engineered Stone - Wet
3 Step - Wet
4 Step Marble - Wet
3 Step Hybrid - Wet/Dry
7 Step Hybrid - Wet/Dry
Flexible - Dry
Flexible Super - Dry
4step - Dry
Concrete Grinding Hockey Puck - Dry
Concrete Polishing Disc - Dry
6 Step Concrete - Dry
Concrete - Dry
5 Step Edge - Wet
Metal Bonded - Wet
Stone Processing
Drum Wheel
Finger Bit
Forming Wheels
Core Bit
Dry Core Bit for Construction
Wet Core Bit for Construction
Assembly Types (3 Sections) for Construction
Wet Core Bit for Stone
Sintered Core Bit for Stone
None Core Bit for Stone
Wire Saws
Wire Saw for Construction
Wire Saw for Stone
Multi Wire Saw
Core Drill Mashine
Dry Hand Core Drilling Machine
Floor Grinding Machine
Shear Wrench

* Available machine sizes: 4", 6", 8" 10", 12", 14", 16"
* Available base types: Normal & Angle stand types on requests
* New Powerful motor
* Water feed cock
* Adjustable clamp system
* Two speed
* Built-in clutch
* Built-in circuit breaker to protect motor
* Double insulation motor
Voltage 220V
Current 7.1A
RPM 1500/3000
Input 1.550W
Capacity 90/162mm
Weight 3.6kgs

* New Powerful motor
* Two speed
* Built-in controller to protect motor
* Soft start operation available

Voltage 220v
height 105mm
Blade 10"
Width 85mm
Length 120mm
Weight 80kgs

* To efficiently remove adhesive materials on wood and concrete floor.
* Powerful vibration creates the clean finish.
* Handle height adjustable
* To simply remove the handle for storage & transportation.

Voltage 220V/100V
Input 3,300W
AMP 60Hz/50Hz
Capacity 180mm

* Compact robust design
* Wide variety of tools available
* Polishing concrete, stone and terazzo
* Removal of adhesives, coatings and paint
* Floor leveling
* Wet / Dry grinding with diamond tools

Voltage 220V
Current 1,870W
Max M22
AMP 8.5A
RPM 17
Weight 5kgs

* Steel frame (H-beam T.S bolt mating) tightening unit
* For fastening M16 / M20 / M22 T.S bolts