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Grinding of surface and edges of recessed draining boards on CNC machines and radial arm polishing machines. This center water feed wheel works great on any machine, use on granite, marble or engineered stone, cleans up surfaces fast.
Out-Diameter Thickness Width Seg. Length
5.0 5.0 35mm
75mm 5.0 5.0 42mm
100mm 5.0 5.0 50mm

* Standard Fitting : M14 or 5/8"-11NC
* Available in all fittings.
* Open / Close / Resin filled types available
* Water Feeding with end cap is available on request.

Out-Diameter Thickness Width Seg. Length
5.0 5.0 30mm/35mm
22mm 5.0 5.0 40mm/45mm
25mm 5.0 5.0 50mm

* Center Water Feed
* 1/2" Gas Fitting (Standard)
* Available in all fittings.

Forming wheels are designed for profiling granite, marble and engineered stone. Especially the resin bonded formaing wheels are molded with the diamond tip in fragmented state, enabling manufacture of the desired shape.


* Please inquire for the available types in advance.